Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Stromsvag (don't ever expect me to pronounce them) have together created some truly exquisite jewellery in materials such as silver, stone, swarovski crystals, feathers, wood, horn and leather. Their work is inspired by the Norweigen nature, balancing between the rough and fine, masculine and feminine. Each item is handmade, therefore no two are the same. I have fallen in love with their designs, i think each item is so unique, and yet modern in such a fascinating sense.   I have my eye on the copper earrings... i might have to make a wild purchase next pay day.

My lack of blogging is entirely down to my workload at the moment. Been going out of my mind with interviews and write ups, I'm surprised I'm not bald with stress. Nearly done though so I'm really starting to look forward to the summer... lots of gigs on the calendar x

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