This miracle oil has many different health benefits ranging from improvement in skincare, to healthy digestion. Some recommend you use the oil directly on the face, i am yet to try this so i can't really comment on the benefits, but research proves it to be a winner. It is also great on the hair, smooth a large amount into damp hair, leave overnight then wash it off in the morning and your hair feels amazing! Coconut oil is the best natural nutrition for hair, helping with healthy growth and a shiny lustre. Obsessedddddd.


I purchased a bottle of Chanel's Vitalumiere aqua foundation last week, and having only used it once i am truly impressed. I don't ever really wear foundation throughout the day, i'll only think to put some on for nights out or special occasions, so ideally i wanted to opt for something lightweight, durable and a perfect colour match. Vitalumiere provided exactly what i hoped for. Having initially purchased a bottle of Chanel's latest foundation Perfection Lumiere, and feeling like i was wearing a mask i went back to buy something a little lighter on my skin. Perfection Lumiere certainly provided a sheer and airbrushed appearance as promised, however i felt the formula itself was too heavy. Vitalumiere Aqua has a very fine fluid texture and although it is very light it still manages to achieve a second skin perfecting result. It enables your skin to breathe, and appears almost glowing. I really recommend this foundation to anyone who is after a lightweight perfecting appearance. Smells divine too!


Beauty tools are ESSENTIAL with a good beauty bag. I must have been a very good girl this year as santa put a lot of Bobbi Brown and MAC make up under the tree as well as a fantastic set of make up brushes...

Following a daily routine is a must when it comes to good, clear, healthy skin. Establishing good habits every day is vital.

A step by step guide to lovely skin..

Step 1. Cleanse

Keeping your pores clean is the main idea behind clear skin. Spots are caused when the pores in your skin become clogged with dirt and dead skin cells. It is important to find a cleanser that is right for you. This may help...

Oily skin: use an oil free cleansing gel
Normal skin: use a clear foaming cleanser
Dry skin: use a creamy cleanser

Borghese Kirkland Signature cleanser
Kirkland Signatures cleanser is a creamy based formular, it is thick and soft and hydrates the skin beautifully. A lovely cleanser, would highly recommend it for anyone with dry skin.

Step 2. Tone

A toner is used to cleanse the skin even more so after cleansing, as well as shrinking the appearance of pores. A toner should not be used to strip the skin of exss oil, it should be used to make sure the skin has the correct balance, not too oily, not too dry. Avoid using toners containing alcohol, the product should contain antibacterial products such as witch hazel or chamommile.

Step 3. Moisturise

Moisturiser is necessary for anyone, not just those with dry skin. A moisturiser will deliver vitamins and SPF to the skin, as well as helping the skin to absorb and retain water after cleansing.


First Look: Gareth Pugh For MAC

Gareth Pugh produces some of the most exquisite collections, as a fashion designer his designs are larger than life. He has now entered the beauty world in a collaboration with M.A.C cosmetics. There could not be a better designer to work alongside mac; with his attention to detail, and his precise and dramatic appearances on the catwalk, Gareth Pugh's signature monochrome print will be all over your Christmas make up collection. He bases the make up collection on the same principle as his designs which is a study of opposites. "its like the positive and negative elements of a battery. They are total opposites but when combined together they create energy" in which he means there are two make up stories within the collection. The make up appears bold and beautiful, with dark shades of aubergine, smokey grey, charcoal black and steel blue.



The range includes nail lacquers, lipsticks, creamy eye-shadows, graphic false eyelashes, beauty powder and a make up bag.


This season the slightly squared manish brow is back and bigger than ever. Its about time if you ask me, strong brows make a bold and beautiful statement, they frame the face with a boyish edge.

Use an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair, and finish with a MAC clear brow gel:

Make up

Mailyn Monroe believed that glamour should appear effortless and beauty secrets should be just that..a secret!

" I no more think that you should use a lipstick, powder,deodorant or hairbrush in public than you would take a bath in public"

The trick to make up is to appear as if you are hardly wearing any at all, and that is all about matching your make up to your skin tone. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown at the moment. It is my obsession and i aim to own her entire colletion. The make up looks natural and healthy, i love her work. The woman is sheer genius.


Latest Autumn/Winter 11 make-up trends


Lip colour is more intense than ever this autumn, reds, dark reds, purples, and deep oranges are very much the look for this season. It is alluring and intriguing. Viewing images from Gucci's A/W 11 show at Milan Fashion week yesterday i just could not get enough of the deep, perfectly painted blood red lips. So sexy.


A radiant glow is the look everyone is aiming to create this autumn. The Gucci catwalk proved accentuated cheekbones are the way forward. Yes Gucci.

Marc jacobs also opted for the cheekbones.

A little tip i must share with you, my mum bought me a book last Christmas 'How to be adored' i did wonder if there was a hidden message to this gift but nevertheless i have to say it is such a brilliant read. I must share a tip with you i have learnt from the book..

How to get Marlene Dietrich's cheekbones

1. Take a medium-sized brush and some blusher that matches your skin tone
2. Find your cheekbones- the simplest way is to take two fingers and locate the bone where it starts by the centre of the ear and follow it down. The secret is to apply the blush underneath your cheekbones (in what's usually referred to as the hollow of your cheeks)
3. Use your brush to follow the hollow under the bone until you have a 70's looking stripe on both cheeks. do not panic.
4. Then take a big brush and blend in using an up and down motion
5. Now apply blusher in a lighter tone over the top of the bone and blend in so there are no obvious gaps. Voila, now you have cheekbones!

This method is insane, its brilliant. Have a go x


The latest trend for eye make up is all about sheer eye colours. Michael Kors gets it spot on this season, this is definitely my favourtie look

Have fun, experiment with make up, and feel beautiful. Will update very soon x

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